standThis is the story of our hero the orphaned elephant.  And though he is old and weathered now, at an early age he once roamed with authority and great power.  As a child he rolled in the mud as the hippos did-joining their pod for a season.  In his adolescence, he danced in the fields with the hyena- attempting their laugh under the night’s bright moon.  Companionship was found with the local crash of Rhinoceroses during his adulthood years- many fond memories now fading.

That was long ago.


Now after wearing the badges of the hippo, hyena and rhinoceros (amongst others), our hero, the orphaned elephant, knows that he is and always was an elephant.  This truth is the badge he now wears- not in pride or arrogance, but in desperation.


The hunter has but a few rounds now, and he is confident that he will meet his mark.  The elephant, tired and broken clings to all that he knows as truth, and stands.


1 Response to “Stand”

  1. November 13, 2008 at 8:38 pm

    TONY! I get it. I like it. Thanks.

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