Something Pretty

mandys-rose(Mandy’s Rose)

Mandy’s favorite flower is a Lily.  Geez, I can be a dork sometimes.  The woman likes Lilies and I painted her a rose.

Honestly though- it’s a normal thing: wanting, or liking, or needing one thing and getting something else.  Lucky, most flowers are received well by flower-starved wives. 

This past weekend, Mandy and I went to “A Weekend to Remember”, a marriage conference put on by a group called Family Life.  They do a lot of teaching, but that’s not where the “meat” of the conference is.  Really it’s in the down time, when you and your spouse are processing all the things that were talked about.  I’m probably making it sound sterile- it’s not.  Real people share their lives in hopes of improving the marriages of the many who listen.

There were about 350 couples- some married 40+ years, some married 40+ days.  All of us sat together to listen to what was prepared for us.  There were lectures, activities (one done in small groups)- there was even homework.  Anyway, there was this exercise that we did, that prompted us to write love letters to our spouses.  We were told to go to different areas of the hotel and spend about an hour with a pencil and paper.  For the record- you don’t need an hour to write a love letter, but sometimes it takes an hour to figure out what you want the thing to say.

            As I wrote in silence with 9 other people, I heard a husband stomp past the room we were in.  His voice rose then faded quickly; I could tell he was shouting at someone behind him.  No later did this register when I heard the broken voice of a crying woman begging him to come back.


            Guys can be so cool sometimes can’t they?  Boy, I bet he really taught his wife a lesson- yelling at her in front of everyone.  She was the one that wanted to come to this thing, and now he was done.


It kills me to think he said his vows with that mouth.  And when his bride was young, she dreamed about marrying a prince that would cherish and protect her.  What happens from point A to Point B?  Remember when things felt “right”?  When she smiled every time she looked at you…Is it true?  Do we really just forget?  Is love that fleeting?

I painted this rose over a year ago.  Maybe it’s time for another. (A lily this time)


5 Responses to “Something Pretty”

  1. 2 KB
    November 28, 2008 at 8:14 pm


    Looking at the art you have posted so far the rose is my favorite. I think it caught my eye first just becuase my favorite color is blue and the uniqueness of a blue rose. But I also really like background behind it as well. Also, I really like the blue cross which I think gives some more meaning to the painting.

    Becuase I know very little about art I also had my duaghter take a look at your wonderful creations and the elephant and Panda struck her. To quote her when she saw both painting the word was “WOW” The Panda she really like the details and also the red berries on the tree with the bird house. The elephant she saw as kind and really like the red picture on the face.

  2. 3 rerendered
    November 29, 2008 at 12:29 am

    Thanks KB!
    Please do continue to encourage your artistic daughter; the world needs more art. Also, a note on the blue cross in the corner- that’s my signature. It’s a T and a G.

  3. 4 Maha
    December 1, 2008 at 4:15 am

    You went to the Weekend to Remember?

    Oh yeah, I like the blog.

  4. 5 rerendered
    January 12, 2009 at 9:50 pm

    This one has always been my favorite… but now I don’t know… I still love it, but I love my dove, too, and its hard to know which one I love more. The dove started as MINE. It started with me… us… in mind. The rose is MINE because I’ve always loved it… and I’m not a good share-er.
    I love you, and am so thankful that you are MINE!
    (I’m using yours, because – in Becky Powell’s words – I’m too lazy to start my own)

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