Children’s Hour- Blaine’s Sketch

Blaine's Sketch- Children's Hour Show

This sketch is from an amazing memory.

11/30/07- The Children’s Hour Show at the Limited Addiction Art Gallery in Denver Colorado.  I went that Friday night with my friend Dale and 2 of his sons, Will and Ben ( I call them Willis McPratt and Benny).  Anyway, we get there and it’s crazy.  The gallery is pretty small (imagine a room twice the length of your living room) and at least 200 people (probably even more than that) were circulating in and out of this place.  There was a DJ, and food, and…wait.  What is that?  What is going on in the corner over there?

And then I became a giddy high school girl, because in the far corner of the gallery was my favorite artist- Blaine Fontana (see links list)- this was actually no surprise. I knew he was going to be there, at Limited Addiction- artists are usually present on the opening night of their show.

The surprise was that he, and the 3 other artists that contributed to the show (Tim McCormick, Jophen Stein, and James Naccarato) were all painting live- rotating themselves between the 4 canvases they shared.

I was totally geeking out about it. (seriously)


I should have prefaced this story by sharing with you that I had met Blaine once before.  He came through Limited Addiction with a solo show in the April of the previous year.  After that night I was kicking myself that I had forgotten to bring my sketchbook.  My hope was to have him sign it (again, geeking out).  Okay so- back to the present, with sketchbook in hand, I approached the corner with the painting.


Watching the four of them paint was an opportunity I’ll never forget.  I could go into why, but this would turn into a Hallmark card, and I don’t want that.

Okay so, Blaine smokes- Thank God.  You see, it was during a smoke break that I got to meet him the first time the year prior.  I was eagerly anticipating the nicotine depletion to reach the red zone, because it was then that I would atta-…  ask him to sign my sketchbook.

Did I tell you drunk people bum me out?  Well they do, because when Blaine took his smoke break, he was cornered by 2 (yes, 2) fully drunk people.  This one lady was stumbling around waving her drink at him and telling him how “amaaazing” his work was, and her boyfriend was there too.  He was the slurrer. “Your stuff iz da bess.  I luvvvv it becaush you like beaksssss.” 


Yes.  From time to time Blaine will paint a character with a beak.  Apparently- those were this guys favorite part.


I waited for them to finish before I approached him…

Wow. This post is getting pretty long. Sorry about that- in the end here’s what happened:  Blaine not only sat and talked with me that night; he drew a complete sketch in my sketchbook.  Willis and Benny also got some original artwork out of the deal.  If you care to hear the story more in detail, let me know- maybe I’ll elaborate more in a future post or something.


Every time I look at Blaine’s sketch, I wonder what this guy is thinking about.  What do you think?



1 Response to “Children’s Hour- Blaine’s Sketch”

  1. 1 seth
    November 26, 2008 at 5:54 am

    It is really cool to me that you have an artist that is so vital to you and your work. i have a hard time picking a specific artist that is my “favorite”. i’ve been thinking about the trio collaboration and i am pretty excited about it.. maybe i can get the doors to you guys on Saturday if you are gonna be there. i may just plan to have them with me and if you are there good and if you are not okay. Talk to you soon i hope.

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