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The Parables Show

There was a clear prompting to me (yes.  From God) that all the proceeds to come in from the show would go to Haiti to benefit the rebuilding effort after the terrible earthquake that happened there on January 12th.  I had no clarity as to which organization I would be giving through, but I knew it would happen somehow- through some group.  Going into the night of the show- that’s all the direction I had.

So the show starts and people start coming.  I was so happy with the turnout- it was a very special moment for me.  Friends and family came from neighboring cities to show their support (special thanks to my wife Mandy, my Mom and friends David and Angie Dougherty for the copious amounts of food they brought for the many mouths at the show).  People were bidding on the pieces- and I was happy.  It’s a wonderful feeling- knowing that you could have been sitting on your couch watching TV all those nights you stayed up painting until 2 and 3 o’clock in the morning.  But you didn’t. 

It was hard sometimes- for me, for my wife and kids, my poor co-workers (that’s were I was grumpiest).  But it was all worth it.  I’ve said this before- “Nothing worth anything is cheap.”  I think I heard it from a movie or something- anyway it’s true.  I learned how true it was.  Everyone in my house did.

I shared some small talk with my friends about the artwork, but towards the end of the night, I ran across an older couple that I didn’t recognize.  I introduced myself and we spoke a little about the show, when the woman inquired about which organization I was going to be giving the Haiti donation through.  I was a little embarrassed that I had no answer for her, but I was honest about it.  I told her I wasn’t sure, maybe the Red Cross… I know my church does a lot globally.  Maybe I’d talk to the pastor over that area…

She introduced me to her husband, Dick, who happened to be a representative of a non-profit called Food for the Hungry.  Dick told me that the government had partnered with Food for the Hungry with an amazing matching gift.  For every dollar that came in through their organization that was specifically designated for the Haiti Relief Effort, the government would give twenty dollars.  Yup.  $1.00 = $20.00.  After grabbing his card, I smiled because God is faithful.  He told me to paint His stories, He told me to stay up late and wake up early, He told me to deal with it- all because He had a plan.  A plan that wasn’t fully realized until the final minutes of the show.  Because of the paintings, because of the bidders at the show, because of the government grant, because of Dick and his wife’s presence at the show- and because we shared a conversation, The people of Haiti will receive over $12,000.00 in their effort to rebuild their broken reality.  Praise God.

A final thanks to my supportive family and friends- for the last minute set up and food.  Mom- next time we won’t go to the Golden Corral before getting everything set up- I promise.  Thanks to The Atlas Community for allowing me to transform their gallery space- I felt very supported by all of you. 

Mandy.  I love you.  I love you.  I love you.

Here are some pics from that night courtesy of David Dougherty of Epic Images.


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